Press Release: Chuddy K Still Signed To SQN


The news that Chuddy K has left SQN and he his setting up his own label broke online recently, SQN has responded and debunked that claim, check on the official statement below:

“Through a press conference and media, ChuddyK claims to have terminated his contract with SQN Media and Entertainment. If that is the case, it’s an unlawful termination and we are currently applying Legal means to address this accordingly.

ChuddyK joined the record label in the last quarter of 2011 after his contract was bought from Beta Tunez Records. His current contract with SQN is valid for another 18months.

That been said, all transactions/ business concerning the ChuddyK brand can only be handled and channelled through SQN Music, been the legal and only owner of the brand.

SQN Media and Entertainment LTD (the owners of the SQN Music brand) is a responsible company that has built its foundation on Creativity and Integrity. We are committed to making a significant difference in the Nigerian entertainment industry as we are getting involved with other sectors of the entertainment industry.

We would like to thank the fans, media, Disc Jockeys and our numerous partners for the support given to the company and its brands till date.”






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