VIDEO: The Chronicles Of Sean Tizzle [Episode 2]

Going by the fact that “Sho Lee” is a global anthem, it’s undisputable that the success of the hit single will attract busy schedules and activities for the fastest rising star; SEAN TIZZLE.

In the quest to keep all fans of SEAN TIZZLE up-close, Difference Entertainment presents “The Chronicles of SEAN TIZZLE” Episode Two. This is the second episode off the story arc and it contains some of the activities of “Mr Sho Lee” @iamseantizzle in the month of MAY. It’s a fusion of live performances, photo shoot, radio interviews, etc. You would recall that the first episode of “The Chronicles of SEAN TIZZLE”, which is a compilation of SEAN TIZZLE’s activities in APRIL, was released in the month of MAY.
Just as we’ve often told you, sit back, relax and enjoy this entertaining piece from the stables of Difference Entertainment.

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