VIDEO: “I Wrote ‘Sho Lee’ …..the Revolution Shall Be Televised” SoundSultan Slams Sean Tizzle

Let me bring you guys up to speed real quick.. Sean Tizzle aka Mr. Sho Lee/Boogie Down signed to Difference Entertainment was formally part of Naija Ninjas (Sound Sultan’s Record label/group) and all of a sudden he broke out of the group, went solo and signed to Difference Entertainment. From my source he broke out of the group without paying his dues to Soundsultan.

But since he singed to Kukere “D’Tunes” Producer they came out with Boogie Down & Sho Lee both songs currently doing great out there. But now watching Sound Sultan on KennisMusic Station claiming to have written ‘Sho Lee’ would only make sense; from the clip below looks like Sound Sultan didn’t get enough credit on the song ‘Sho Lee’ he said ” I wrote Sho Lee for Sean Tizzle but that’s another day’s discussion… the Revolution Shall Be Televised”  Check the clip below & Share Your Thoughts!!





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